Getting Away With Sneaking Alcohol on Cruises.


Step by step instructions on how to get away with alcohol on a journey ship.

Do you want to know how to get away with sneaking alcohol on a cruise? Are you trying to enjoy your time out and save some money too? That is how I was. I was curious to know how to sneak drinks on a cruise ship with no danger of being caught. It is a well known fact that these cruises make all their money from hiking up the prices on alcohol.  Just a single glass of alcohol is costly. Therefore, in order to continue having fun I had to look for various ways on how I could bring in alcohol without anyone noticing. So after experiencing a ton of failed products, I came across what works the best. These were the bottle caps. They do cost a tiny bit, but you will save a lot in the long run. These bottle caps were lifesavers I can tell you that from experience! So the first step to sneaking  alcohol is you have to pick the alcohol that you are want to bring on-board.

Try your best to stay away from packing any shiny containers as they will more than likely show up on the X-ray. I don’t know why, but just make sure that you don’t have anything that looks like it is metal. Now once you have your drinks placed in your water bottles, now it is time to secure them for the trip. This should be done on the night prior to the departure. Now, you want to place your water bottles (filled with alcohol) into your luggage. You want to place them in-between your shirts, shoes, pants, sweaters, jackets, and coats.¬† All of these water bottles need to be out of sight just in case they do an open inspection. Now, remember do not attempt to carry them with you. The reason behind that is, your chances of being caught will be high. These people are very intelligent and they know the many ways people try to sneak in alcohol. This is how I have taught hundreds of people to successfully sneak in alcohol, so don’t deviate from the plan!


If you follow everything that I have shown you, then you are on the right track to succeed. Now simply remember all alcohol goes through X-Ray. If you follow everything that I said, you will have so much fun at just a fraction of the cost. Take care and smuggle on!

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